How to effectively implement Business Process Overview?

It´s not that difficult.

Start with understanding the current state – document and evaluate current business processes. Remember to include criticality and granularity of those processes!

Then move to the proactive part – based on the documentation and evaluation, identify gaps and changes to mitigate those gaps.

Once you know what to do, seek approval to implement proposed changes.

As every good manager, move then to scheduling and implementing the changes.

And finally evaluate results of the changes and gather feedback!

Which basically means:

  1. Document and evaluate current business processes.
  2. Identify gaps and changes to mitigate those gaps.
  3. Seek approval for implementing changes.
  4. Schedule and implement changes.
  5. Evaluate results and gather feedback.

Following functions contribute to organizational resiliency. Remember to include them in your analysis and implementing changes!

  1. Business Continuity.
  2. Audit(s).
  3. Information Security.
  4. Controls.
  5. Ongoing and Planned Projects,
  6. Change Management.


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